Community Softball


Join us for our 4th of Jully Community Softball Game! Participation is open to everyone ages 12 & up, 16" slow-pitch softball; all skills and abilities welcome. Registration starts at 5pm July 4th, game starts at 6pm, at Murray Park. 

Registration is $10 per person, proceeds from the game and concessions will benefit the All-Inclusive Playground project at Riggs County Park. You can register below if you want to play. Players will be randomly assigned to the two teams, but you can comment below if you're signing up with friends or family, and we will try to place you on the same team (although placement on the same teams can't be guaranteed).





This is all for fun (and a good cause!) and all players are expected to play with respect and good sportsmanship. See the PDF linked below for the rules.

You use the form below to register online, or download and print a copy of the registration form and mail it and the registration fee to: Ripon Noon Kiwanis, PO Box 504, Ripon, WI 54971. Checks should be made payable to the Ripon Noon Kiwanis. Registration fees are due by check-in.

• No alcohol allowed on the property during this event.
• The game is 16” slow-pitch softball.
• No gloves necessary.
• Home plate umpire will have the final call.
• Team Captains are the only ones allowed to question a call or approach the umpires.
• Metal spikes are NOT allowed. If a player is caught wearing steel cleats they will have to be
removed immediately or the player will be ejected from the remainder of the games.
• No profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct: - Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a game
ejection. 1 warning will be given and then the person will be ejected. In the event a team has
two people ejected during the course of the day the team will forfeit the remaining games
• Age 12 or older game day
• Minimum of 10 players to start the game, but no more than 20.
• A continuous batting order may be used. A player entering the game after it has started will
be inserted at the bottom of the batting order unless it is a substitution. If a continuous batting
order is used, it must be used the whole game, start to finish, except for injury or emergency.
• Seven inning game. Run rule - 15 runs after 3 innings. The team, who scores 15 runs in a
single inning, wins the game.
• In the event the game is tied at the end of 90 minutes of play, the game will continue for one
additional inning. If the game is still tied after the bottom of the inning completed after the
extra inning, the winner will be decided by coin toss. The captains and home plate umpire will
flip a coin prior to the start of the game to determine who the home team is. The home team
will call the flip in the event of a tie.
• Home team is determined by a flip of the coin before the start of the game.
• Strike plate will be 15" straight back from point of home plate and 2" on the outside of home
plate. Any part of the ball must hit the strike plate and/or home plate to be a strike. If a ball
hits the front of home plate and bounces back toward the pitcher, it is a ball.
• If a play is going to be close at any base or home plate, the runner should slide to avoid injury
to the defensive player. If a runner goes in standing up and contact is made, the umpire may
call the runner out if excess force is used.
• Injured player: last out takes the place of injured player. Courtesy runners allowed.
• Overthrows - Runners are always awarded two bases on overthrows which go out of play.
Two bases are awarded from the last base touched at the time of the throw. If the ball is
carried out of play, (fielder catches a fly ball and his or her momentum carries her or him out
of play), the runners are awarded ONE base from the last base touched when the ball went
out of play.
• Runners leaving base early - On a fly ball. If the runner leaves before the ball is caught and
does not tag up, he should be called out UPON APPEAL to the umpire. The appeal must
occur before the next pitch - before the ball is hit or crosses the plate. If a runner is leading off
or leaves the base before the ball is hit or crosses the plate, the ball is dead and the batter is
out. This is NOT an appeal play. The umpire should call time immediately and call the
• Other information:
• Unless umps are able to be found, the hitting team will provide umps, unless both
teams decide beforehand to provide a non-playing player from each team to
ump. Questionable calls will be decided by home plate umpire. (Remember, what
are you here for.)